Erik & Gretchen's Summer trip to Seattle for UNICON 11

Niagra Falls, Canada side. 07-21-02 7:14a

Tori, Paul and Erik juggling 07-22-02 12:40p

don't ask 07-23-02 9:37a

We're in Montana 07-24-02 3:13p

Drivin' 07-24-02 4:55p and 07-25-02 12:49p
UNICON Opening 07-25-02 10:01p
Uni performances 07-25-02 10:30p
Balloon Guy 07-25-02 10:30p

Early Hockey games 07-26-02 10:47p
Early Basketball games 07-26-02 11:32p

Games 07-27-02 12:01a
To, from and on the island off of Seattle 07-27-02 12:22a
Erik riding in Seattle before parade 07-27-02 6:21p
Pre-parade hangin' 07-27-02 7:30p
It's called the 'torchlight parade' 07-27-02 11:49p

Freestyle competitions 07-29-02 5:33p

Track events 07-30-02 4:22p

Parasailers above track events 07-31-02 8:14p
goofin' 07-31-02 10:30p
T-shirts we didn't buy 07-31-02 11:16p

Hockey World Championship - Germany vs. Swiss (Germany won) 08-01-02 10:51p
Basketball World Championship - Puerto Rico vs. SimCycle (PR won) 08-01-02 11:53p

Sim's Giraffe stilts 08-02-02 1:34a
Trials and Muni 08-02-02 3:26p
A Really BIG wheel 08-02-02 6:49p
Waterfall 08-02-02 7:29p
Gretchen on top 08-02-02 8:42p

Scary satelites 08-03-02 10:38p

Scary bridge 08-04-02 2:01p

Hotsprings in BC 08-05-02 7:29p

Outdoorsy pictures in Canada 08-06-02 8:45p

We're home! The bubble at the end of the trip. 08-10-02 1:45p
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