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Erik at the Glacial Potholes in Shelburn Falls, MA.

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Erik is now a Ph.D. candidate at the University of New Mexico. Current information can be found there.


Unicycling News:

Skills - A skill level table for me, my brother and a couple friends. I'm currently a level-4 rider, which the out-of-date table fails to represent.

20020716 - Gretchen and I head west from Greenfield, MA to UNICON11, held this year in Seattle, WA. The international unicycling conference was a blast. Not all the pictures and movies are here because there's 150mb worth. It was an inspiring trip!

20020710 - I become the first Unicyclist to descend on one wheel Mt. Monadnock in Jaffery NH. This mountain is the most climbed in the world and now perhaps the most unicycled in NH.

20020603 - Gretchen turned 26 today. She asked, perhaps jokingly, if we could skydive, as we drove past the Northampton airport. I said, quite casually, "yes." So Gretchen and I, along with Shomari (my brother) and Pamela (his friend), jumped out of a perfectly airplane because some of use still think we're invisible. Verdict: We still are!

20020505 - Unsettlingly, the "Uni-one" Vespa motor unicycle is developed and modelled in it's prototype stages by Barb & Ken, collectively known as Wifit.

20020315 - I was inducted into the Thunderwheels. As their website says, "The Thunderwheels is the only officially recognized unicycle gang in the world. Based in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, we promise a reign of unicycle terror, the likes of which the world has never seen. Not afraid? You will be." See my Monadnock uni ride for a movie showing the typical behavior of a Thunderwheel.

20020302 - I got in the newspaper in my new home town of Worcester Mass. I moved there from Keene NH to study statistics at WPI, where I've ridden all but one flight of stairs on my 26x3" Hunter.

Contra Dancing:

See the dances I've written.
I've been dancing primarily in Greenfield, MA since late 1998, nearly twice a week on average. I've also often been to Peterborough, NH and Nelson, NH (oldest dance in the country). The Flurry in Saratoga Springs, NY, is a festival must, as well as Falcon Ridge at the NY-CT-MA corner in NY and Grassroots in Ithaca, NY. The Glen Echo dance in Maryland was a great way to spend my summer 2003 while working on my masters thesis in that area.


See the music I wrote a long time ago.

Friend's Sites:

Gretchen Lorenson, or G-love, is my sweetienookums, my summer rain, my May flowers, the honey in my tea. The very thought of her makes my heart sing, like an April breeze on the wings of spring. Anyway, you get the picture...

Darrell Royter is a fellow uni rider and member of our unicyclist community. He's worked as a graphic artist for several years, but is a comic artist deep-down. He's had more cars than years driving. Read his stories and more.

Jeffery Landry is a buddy from my undergrad days. He's published a book dedicated to the belief and cause of true love. If you have a heart, buy it!

Brian Coakley was a close friend in high school. He's the bass player in the freelance bishops. They will make you get down and shake your booty!

Anthony Krier was the reference librarian in college and a friend. Wu-wei erh wu-pu-wei. (Doing nothing but nothing left undone.)


Links include a few sites that are important to me. It will be expanded soon.

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