Erik Erhardt Contra Dances

The Calamitous Milkcrate Caper
by Erik B. Erhardt
Improper Contra Dance

[Pulses Call]
4       Circle Left 1/2
4       Gents Roll Ladies Left into
4       Gents Chain across
4       Ladies Courtesy turn Gents

4       Circle Right 1/2
4       Ladies Roll Gents Right into
8       Ladies Left shoulder 1/2 Hay

6       Gypsy Partner 1&1/2 around
2       Gents cross set (by right shoulders) into
8       Swing Neighbor on Ladies' side

4       Circle Balance
4       Ladies California twirl Gents
8       Actives (Inactives) Swing
  while Inactives (Actives) cast alone over outside shoulder

        [alternate actives and inactives role in B2
         if long sets and very sharp dancers]
Dance Notes:
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