Erik News 20020710

Erik Unicycling Mt. Monadnock

20020710 - It was a beautiful day. Gretchen and I began at the Old Toll Road on south side of the mountain and continued on the White Arrow trail to the top. After watching the crows hanging almost motionless in the wind for twenty minutes or so, I got geared up and we headed down the White Cross trail.

The top has large sections of steep semi-flat rock. Soon it becomes steep and rocky with very short areas that are ridable. Toward the bottom, it opens up as mostly dirt, but is still quite a challenging ride.

Finally, at the bottom, the buzz was all about that crazy guy on the unicycle. I was spared by the on-duty ranger of a $200 ticket.

20020710_unimonad37.mpg A windy side of the White Cross with some tricky drops and places where the rocks drop off steeply if the ridge of the rock isn't kept to. This one I start going down a steep section I was trying to avoid.
20020710_unimonad38.mpg This is the same section of the trail, but this ride was much better.
20020710_unimonad48.mpg On a particularly rocky section of the White Cross trail, I give a shout out to my homies in the ThunderWheels, the unicycling gang!


20020710_unimonad60.jpgNO BIKES! where MUni comes in.
20020710_unimonad01.jpgGretchen preparing for testing wind direction and speed.
20020710_unimonad02.jpgThe top of the mountain from half way up the White Arrow Trail.
20020710_unimonad03.jpgGretchen admiring the rocks Erik might kill himself on.
20020710_unimonad04.jpgErik gazing at the coolest ride he will have ever had.
20020710_unimonad05.jpgAt the top.
20020710_unimonad06.jpgStarting down.
20020710_unimonad07.jpgLady to the left: Eyes wide shut. Man to the right: Fleeing FROM the hills.
20020710_unimonad08.jpgThese are cool rocks!
20020710_unimonad09.jpgGetting some air before a steep slide.
20020710_unimonad10.jpgMuch harder going up than down...
20020710_unimonad11.jpgAlmost no one can believe this craziness!
20020710_unimonad12.jpgBeautiful to hike or ride. This is toward the Northeast.
20020710_unimonad13.jpgThose gals have a lot of gall not to be looking at ME ME ME. Actually, (says Gretchen) they were looking at YOU YOU YOU, until that moment when they were yelling to their other friends behind them to "Check it out! No, really, there's a guy on a unicycle over here!"
20020710_unimonad14.jpgHard right. Soft left.
20020710_unimonad15.jpgFirst section complete and feeling great!
20020710_unimonad16.jpgSteep and tricky.
20020710_unimonad17.jpgA large drop I decided to avoid.
20020710_unimonad19.jpgA contribution to the rock pile.
20020710_unimonad20.jpg"Crazy would be NOT riding this!"
20020710_unimonad21.jpgA relatively smooth section.
20020710_unimonad22.jpgI think I ended up going into these bushes...
20020710_unimonad23.jpg"This is GREAT!"
20020710_unimonad24.jpgSlipping would be a long slide...
20020710_unimonad25.jpgOk, this is really steep.
20020710_unimonad26.jpgThese kids kindly stepped aside to watch me.
20020710_unimonad27.jpgNow they've seen it all.
20020710_unimonad28.jpgBeautiful ride.
20020710_unimonad29.jpgShadow leading the way.
20020710_unimonad30.jpgI'm barely visable through the trees. I didn't really ride these rocks.
20020710_unimonad31.jpgGretchen and my Hunter.
20020710_unimonad32.jpgI'll ride these next time...
20020710_unimonad34.jpg...and uni.
20020710_unimonad35.jpgThe shadows can play some tricks on your perceptions.
20020710_unimonad36.jpgClaiming the White Cross trail for the gang (see movie above).
20020710_unimonad39.jpgRiding quickly down the slope.
20020710_unimonad40.jpgResult from riding quickly down the slope (grin).
20020710_unimonad41.jpgResult from riding TOO quickly down the slope (grimace).
20020710_unimonadxx.jpg(censored) Result from riding MUCH MUCH TOO quickly down the slope (censored).
20020710_unimonad42.jpgUp and going again with a smile.
20020710_unimonad43.jpgGuess which constellation I am.
20020710_unimonad44.jpgOk, this is a little nuts.
20020710_unimonad45.jpgThis is close to ideal bumpy terrain.
20020710_unimonad46.jpgMUniers, this is an awesome ride!
20020710_unimonad47.jpgIt was as though I was still as the earth turned all around me.
20020710_unimonad49.jpgOne up, one down.
20020710_unimonad50.jpgUm, maybe not.
20020710_unimonad51.jpgYeah, definately not.
20020710_unimonad52.jpgEven my uni was smiling.
20020710_unimonad54.jpgOk, so I did wipe once or twice... But always on my feet.
20020710_unimonad55.jpgLeaping a log.
20020710_unimonad57.jpgGetting warned of the $200 fine the ranger decided NOT to give me.
20020710_unimonad58.jpgA year and three months riding and you can look as happy as this guy, too.
20020710_unimonad59.jpgThe warning I purposefully avoided as I entered the park.
20020710_unimonad62.jpgTwo hikers who had rushed to the top to see the unicyclist they heard about.
20020710_unimonad63.jpg...and their enthusiastic mom.

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